We’re an Employee Benefit Trust.
We work to improve the human environment by delivering useful, simple outcomes that are beautiful and good.

About the Trust

We are a group of companies that look for practical and appropriate ways to meet our clients’ complex needs. We recognise that simplifying complex problems is a challenging endeavour and we are proud to make it ours. We look for ways to maximise potential in places and people.

We deliver purposeful innovation that has immediate benefit and value and believe our work should have a sustainable impact on our clients and the wider human environment.

We are engineers, architects, designers, consultants, communicators, facilitators, writers and strategists. We are the Useful Simple Trust.

To be USEFUL is the cornerstone of our business. We look for practical and achievable ways to deliver useful outcomes to meet our clients’ needs.

We find clear and efficient solutions to make client’s complex problems more SIMPLE.

BEAUTIFUL design has a positive effect on places and people. We use our creative talent to allow elegance and beauty to flourish.

We care about doing GOOD work that is valued by our clients and has a sustainable impact on the human environment.

Our Trust Companies

Expedition Engineering

We are an engineering practice with experience on a wide range of building, infrastructure and masterplanning projects.
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Think Up

We develop educational strategies and best practice guidance for institutions and companies across the construction and engineering sectors.
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Useful Projects

We are a sustainability consultancy for the built environment.
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Thomas Matthews

We are an award-winning graphic design agency creating work that has sustainability at its heart.
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Useful Studio

We are an architecture and design practice committed to being a force for good in the built environment.
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Get in touch

The useful simple trust is an employee benefit trust made up of:

Useful Simple Trustee Limited
The Clove Building
4 Maguire St
London, SE1 2NQ

+44(0)20 7307 8880
Registered in England & Wales
No. 06714902